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Skin Softening Moisturizing Coffee Scrub

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This coffee body scrub is handmade from coarse coffee grinds and coconut oil, so you know it will do wonders for your skin. Simply scoop a spoonful into your hands using the wooden spoon provided, moisten, and rub it onto your damp skin.

Directions: Apply to any area of the body to remove dry skin cells and help reverse the harmful effects of excessively dry climates or air conditioning. It also adds moisture, making it the perfect post-shower winter treat! Your skin will feel silky smooth afterward, with a hint of the sweet smell of coffee.

Why you will love it: No crumbly mess falling all over you in the shower.

This coffee scrub is handcrafted with natural earth-friendly ingredients. Grinding the sugar and coffee beans helps exfoliate dead skin cells, while the oils and sugar aids to moisturize your skin. Inspired by a love for a good cup of coffee and super soft skin first thing in the rising, this scrub smells just like brewed coffee!

BONUS: Tin is recyclable , may be used for cosmetic items or personals.

Ingredients: Ground black coffee, essential oils, brown sugar