What does Wellness mean to you?

What does Wellness mean to you?

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It is my intention with Wellness Worthy to redefine health and wellness for women. 

There are 10 areas of our lives that we must cater to in order to fulfill optimal well-being. You'll be able to further understand the interrelationships between health, wellness and well-being.

Ask yourself 3 reason why wellness has become an important focus for individuals, communities, and businesses. In challenging the status quo that mental health shouldn't be talked about, we open up doors for women who are mistakenly looked at as "strong all the time".

Your degree of wellness determines when and if you are well holistically. We just may have moments in time when we are super strong and will "carry it all " as women. That is why we must stop on the midst of taking care of everyone & everything; pause and reflect on the following 10 areas of your life:

Physical - Moving your body daily. Doing structured exercise, having active lifestyle practices + making better choices

Nutritional - Eating and staying hydrated when your body needs it. Making healthy food choices + maintaining a Healthy weight/medical history

Medical and Dental - Preventative + treatment medical and dental visits

Social - Expanding your network yet enjoying family, good support system and unison in social environments

Environmental - Enjoying nature, living in a clean safe area. Creating a personal space that compliments your wellness (clean, bright, comfy home) Appreciating + using natural resources of the world

Spiritual - Daily devotions + practices. Identifying your core values, identity + purpose, plus living in alignment with them.

Behavioral/Intellectual - Doing things that have a positive impact on your life. Exploring new ideas, learning new skill while practicing safety precautions at all times.

Psychological/Emotional - Coping, managing stress , problem-solving + decision making

Occupational - Engaging in meaningful and rewarding activities (Jobs & Hobbies) and addressing your personal interests, skills, performance, and satisfaction.

Financial - Having a healthy relationship with money. Planning and saving, managing cash and credit accounts while handling some financial risks.

I know it seems like a lot but believe it or not you're currently living it. It may be for some that one area of wellness may trump the other and so on..Once you've decided to determine what needs more or less of your energy, your life can improve right before your eyes!

Which area of wellness do you need guidance with?

-Your Holistic Wellness Life Coach

Jacquia Paul

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