Who We Are

With over a decade in health & wellness as a certified medical assistant and wellness coach, I founded Wellness Worthy in 2017 with the hope of sharing my self-healing journey. After healing myself from being overweight, chronic anxiety and depression using holistic practices I wanted every woman I knew to experience the same. My healing journey started since the birth of my first son back in 2011 as I suffered in silence with postpartum depression. I knew I could no longer suffer and decided to work out consistently for my mental health. Weight loss was not my goal, I only wanted to love myself as a woman and new mom. 


My entrepreneurship journey in wellness started while working for a plant based company selling their products. After the birth of my second son, In 2017 I decided to bet on myself and began making my own handmade herbal products that I would give to my family and friends to try. After many advances, I decided to accept payment for my craft. Fast forward to 2020 I finally bet on myself and solidified my company as a LLC. Best decision ever!With that vision in mind I never doubted the benefit of my handmade products. Positive reviews and returning customers kept me motivated to share my natural gift of holistic healing. 


The joy of self-care is a necessity all women are worthy of! Now a certified professional life coach , I coach millennial women and mothers on the benefits of self-love.
Not a day goes by that I am not thankful to be blessed with such a sacred position in wellness. Currently looking to expand my one woman show into an enterprise of women on the same mission as I am.
With love,
Coach Jay  - Owner of Wellness Worthy

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