Your Wellness Matters

Wellness can be challenging especially as a mom we wear many hats. I created Wellness Worthy, LLC in 2017 after many years of struggling with weight, mental health and overall low self esteem. I counted myself out after learning of my debilitating brain disorder called Chiari Malformation. Instead of playing the victim, I became a warrior!

Self care is a necessity, not a luxury!

Using positive self development including exercise, herbal nurition and spirituality to upgrade my mind, body & soul, I knew other women needed this as well.

The mission with Wellness Worthy is to solve your personal wellness problem in a holistic way with a natural solution. All products are handmade by the hands of women who have the experience & remedies from mother earth; natures own intuitive guidance & herbal plants.

All products are handmade and organic based. We pride ourselves in our natural self care items made for cultivating more holistic wellness into your life.

You are worthy of daily self care practices to uplift your mind, body and spirit. Using nature's ingredients we bring to you optimal wellness solutions in the form of herbal tea, natural body care and spiritual protection items.

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