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Wellness Worthy - Holistic Self Care

Herbal Therapy - Natural Herbal Remedies and Cures

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Are you looking for alternative ways of healing yourself?

This eBook covers all the necessary details on herbal therapy and natural cures; mainly HERBAL natural remedies and cures.

Whatever you want to know on the subject, you will get all the information in this eBook.

After you finish reading, you will discover so many facts on herbs and herbal healing of tons of ailments.

We will also break down myths ; a lot of wrong notions you might have had about herbal therapy, will be eradicated.

In addition, you will gain a lot of valuable information of which you can apply to your everyday life from making your own herbal tea blends and mixtures to help you on the healing journey.

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Disclaimer: This ebook is written for educational purposes only. Please do not substitute this ebook for professional medical advice. Always consult with your physician for all health & wellness related concerns.